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Gladesville Community

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Please see below the results of Gladesville Community Group's survey of satisfaction with Councils' performance in the management of Gladesville


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140 responses have been analysed and presented below.



Key observations


83% of respondents rated the Council's performance in managing Gladesville as being either "poor" or "below expectations", dragged down largely by performance in the management of Planning and Development, with 88% of respondents rating their Council's performance in that area as being either "poor" or "below expectations" (Q3).


89% of respondents believe Gladesville does not benefit from being managed by 2 separate Councils (Q4).


90% of respondents believe there is inadequate coordination between Ryde and Hunters Hill Councils in the management of Gladesville (Q5).


Although 51% of respondents were aware of Fit for the Future, 92% believe there has been inadequate public consultation from their Council (Q6 and Q7).


83% of respondents are against ("against" or "strongly against") a model of managing Gladesville in the current arrangement. 71% of respondents are in favour ("in favour" or "strongly in favour") of Fit for the Future 'in principle' (Q8)


Respondents ranged in their connection to Gladesville (Q1), the Council with which they most identify (Q2) and ages (Q9).


General Comments and Feedback (Q10) were received and are being filtered to remove a number of accusations and comments which are likely to cause offence or harm to individuals. Although this survey was intended to give members of the community of Gladesville a voice, we must ensure that we are fair to people's reputations. These comments will be provided when we can do so.



Validity of responses


148 responses were received from 122 different IP addresses (basically a location on the internet). 8 responses were excluded because an excessive number of responses were received from 2 IP addresses. A maximum of 2 responses were permitted from any one IP address, allowing for up to 2 family members to complete the survey.

5A) Specific issues about which there has been a lack of coordination between Ryde and Hunters Hill Councils


1Placement of Parking Metres at Buffalo Creek Park which means as Gladesville resident I have to pay & other areas also.2 Co ordination of planning along Victoria Rd re appartmentson


Basic services like drainage and bins


Both councils claim to communicates but it is clearly just lip sevice. HHC only cares about appeasing the wealthy residents on the peninsula and Rude Council only cares about the latest high rise development


Communicate with both sides of the road


Communities ( Gladesville & Boronia Park) divided by boundaries are robbed of a wholistic vision/plan


Comprehensive plan and local DCP required to harmonize the development and bring back gladesville


Constant flooding in Cowell Street. Council is aware of the issue and refuses to help the residents with this basic service


despite living less than 20m from the Ryde boundary, I have never received any communication from Ryde.


Development applications particularly in relation to traffic management.


Development Planning


Development, planning


Developments along Victoria Rd and the effects on Gladesville Primary School


Developments on Victoria Rd appalling handling - no notification for Ryde side about the debacles on HH side.


Footpaths are too narrow and have massive cracks.


footpaths, rubbish collection,


Future Gladesville and overdevelopment


Hunters Hill is the poor cousin just compare the paving of the shopping area in Gladesville

I can't get parking permit because I live in the council next door, 100m BLOCKS FROM THE PARK!!!!!!

I live in Massey St, just another day our bins haven't been emptied. How hard is it to get the basics right


I live in Punt Rd. We have serious, multiple parking/pedestrian safety & road safety problems. Twice I have written in detail with photographic evidence to my Ryde Council and forwarded to the submissions to the traffic committeee as requested and have made numerous follow up calls, spoke to the Mayor who said Yes Yes send me the info But nobody has replied or acknowledged any of my efforts. We have a new significant safety problem ( a low retaining wall has been built illegally half way across the pedestrian path and mums with strollers and their other kids on bikes or walking beside them are likely to fall over but I don't feel like telling them as they are so deaf even though I should)


Impacts on social infrastructure, traffic impacts, amenity, pedestrian access and "walkability",heritage, character, transparency




It is almost as though the two councils are using the small businesses on each side of Victoria Rd as pawns in some petty power game


Just look at the two bus stops on Victoria Rd. One side is clean, tidy, green, well lit, with neat excellent paving with comfortable outdoor furniture. The other side is located in Sydney's wealthiest municipality and Australia's oldest garden suburb


Library services


Library, and community services such as meals on wheels


Local development coordination


Management of the level of development proposals along Victoria Rd, needs a holistic strategic approach to ensure sensible co-ordination and outcomes that genuinely benefit existing residents


Not too much development in one area. Plus consistent look.


Parking and pedestrian access


Planning and development along victoria road


Planning within the commercial precinct including high rise residential development along the Victoria Rd strip; pedestrian and traffic flow between commercial strip and residential areas.


Poor parking controls


Seperate LEP/DCP. Seperate process, lack of communictation from each council to "residents across the road" - aka 'not my problem' attitude


Stop fighting over the library


The library is a source of uncertainty


The shopping precinct development should be jointly coordinated as it concerns all of Gladesville not just the Hunters Hill side of Victoria Road. Also, the footpaths on the Hunter's Hill side of the road are in very bad repair.


The waste collection services our completely out of sync - they could be far better managed by having a single council


There are too many large scale residential projects taking place in Gladesville as a result of Ryde and Hunters Hill councils trying to meet their quotas set by the NSW Government. They should space their projects further apart so that the amenity of Gladesville is not destroyed.


Types of developements being approved on ether side of Victoria Road and the streetscape

Waste management


10) Feedback and General Comments are to come

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